Username Change Eligibility

Am I eligible to change my username within the Student and Faculty Portal?
Requirements for a username change are as follows:
  • Cannot be currently enrolled in an active class (this includes workshops)
  • Must have one (1) week break between classes minimum, two (2) weeks recommended
  • Last class has had Final Grade posted by instructor
  • Cannot be during Winter Break
  • There are no prerequisites for faculty member username changes
  • Applicants will need to wait until entrance counseling and their Application is fully processed and then call back to make the username change understanding they will need at least one week before classes are scheduled. This includes applicants who have created a username but have not started an application yet.
Contact Technical Support to complete this process if you meet the requirements. The username will be changed for your eMail account after the new username is established on the Student and Faculty Portal. This change will go into effect immediately after the next login to the Student and Faculty Portal. Please forward any emails you do not wish to lose to a personal email account prior to your request.
  • Please ensure that the new username is created on eCampus only and not on the Application Center site.
  • After the Username change, your PeTs toolbar may not work correctly for several days until the toolbar's data is updated by our systems.
Additional Information:
For additional information on creating a new username, please see the Related Articles section to the right.
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