Viewing Blackboard Assignment Feedback

How do I view my feedback in Blackboard if I made multiple attempts on an Assignment?
To view feedback for each submission attempt, please complete the steps below:
  1. Log in to
  2. Access the desired course
    Note: If you are not brought into the Course Content page of the requested class, please perform the following in Blackboard:
    • Click Courses to the left
    • Click the desired course
  3. Locate the Assignment
  4. Click on your grade
  5. Click the desired Attempt
  6. Click the purple icon to the right of the Attempt
    Purple Icon
    Note: If the instructor provided feedback on your file, also known as inline grading, you will need to follow the steps below to view:
    1. Repeat Steps 1 - 5
    2. Scroll down to the Submission content section
    3. Click the ellipsis icon
    4. Click one of the following:
      • Preview File - To view the instructor's provided feedback file within the browser, you can also copy the feedback received
      • Download Annotated PDF - To save a PDF copy of the file with your instructor's feedback
Note: if your faculty member overrides the grade you will not be able to view the Annotated PDF or view the feedback on any of the attempts
Additional Information:
For additional information related to Blackboard, please see the Related Articles section to the right.
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