Submitting Assignment in Blackboard

How do I upload assignments in Blackboard?
To submit an assignment in Blackboard, perform the following:
  1. Navigate to the assignment
  2. Click View Assessment
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  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Select Add Content
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  4. Click the Paper Clip User-added image icon
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  5. Select the file needed or select multiple files by holding down CTRL and clicking on files
  6. Click Open
  7. File or files will upload. To cancel the upload, click X
  8. Once uploaded you will get a dialog box pop up. Click Save
  9. If the wrong document was uploaded, delete the file entry from the text box
  10. Additional files can be added by using steps 3 - 7
  11. Click Submit to turn in assignment or Save and Close to continue work at another time
  • Assignment files will be automatically saved when uploaded
  • It the submit button is grayed out make sure you have attaching a file
  • Once an assignment has been submitted the student cannot cancel the submission or manage their uploaded documents for that assignment
  • If a student uploads a document to a past due assignment, they will be unable to delete the document they have uploaded even prior to submitting the assignment.
  • Uploading an assignment will not count for attendance, however uploading and submitting will count.
Alternate method of inserting files:
You can also left click and drag one or more files from the Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, or desktop onto the text editor when it’s open.
Additional Information:
For additional information, please see the related article(s) and link(s).
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