Installing Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on Windows

How can I download and install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on Microsoft Windows?

Please read before installing: It is required that you check to see if there are any other versions of Office installed on your system. If so, please uninstall and then restart your computer before downloading from the Student and Faculty Portal. If a working version of Office is already installed on your computer, it is not necessary to install the latest version provided by the University. Therefore, if you decide to remove a purchased version, please make sure you have an installable copy along with the product key for activation before removing what is already installed on your device. This is because once you have been out of attendance for greater than one (1) year, you are no longer eligible to receive access to the software provided by the University. At that time, you may start a subscription with Microsoft, reinstall your older version, or purchase a new version of Office. If you choose to re-enroll with the University, then you would again be eligible for the University provided software as an active student.

Note: Before installing Office, you may want to check your computer disk space. Generally, it may take up to 3 gigabytes (GB) of space to install. If your computer only has a 30 GB drive, you may not be able to install Office or may need to remove software or other files to allow room to install Office.  

To download and install Office 365, please perform the following:

  1. Log in to eCampus at
  2. Locate Quick Links at the left
    Note: On the new MyPhoenix site you will need to click on the hamburger menu to get to the Office Link.
  3. Click Microsoft Office 365 or this link
  4. Select one of the following in the Stay signed in? window, if prompted:
    • Yes 
    • No
  5. Click Install Office apps in the upper-right of the Office 365 Dashboard
     Note: Any open calendar or tasks may obscure the Install Office apps button and will become visible once those tasks are closed.
  6. Click Premium Office apps
  7. Follow the installation prompts
     Note: The installation will require at least three (3) Gigabytes (GB) of available space on the computer's hard drive. If you have issues viewing the file is downloading, please see the Browsers section below.
  8. An orange Getting Ready window will appear once installation begins
     Note: This will automatically change to an Installing Office window and no action is required.
  9. Click Close in the Office installation completion window once finished
     Note: Office may automatically have you signed in to your eCampus account after installation; if not, please proceed with Steps 11-16.
  10. Open Microsoft Word 
  11. Click Sign in to the upper-right, if not prompted automatically
    Sign in
  12. Enter your University email address; [username]
     Note: Be sure to select Work or school account if a We Need a Little More Help prompt appears.
  13. Select Yes to one or both Script Error messages, if prompted
  14. Enter your University username and password
  15. Click Login
     Note: Click Skip for Now if you are prompted to add your University of Phoenix account to Windows. Additionally, Office will activate all applications automatically once you have submitted your credentials.

Based on the browser you are using, you may see one of the following:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 
  1. Click Run 
Google Chrome 
  1. Click the setup file in the lower-left of Chrome
    Chrome Setup File
Mozilla Firefox 
  1. Click Save File 
  2. Click the Down Arrow icon to the upper-right of Firefox
  3. Click the Setup file
    Firefox Setup File
  4. Click Run
Note: Microsoft Office 365 will only install on Windows 10 or 8.1. Windows 7 is no longer supported.

Windows 10 S cannot install apps that are not in the Microsoft Windows Store. An upgrade to Windows 10 Pro would be an option to install Office 365 ProPlus but currently only the following versions are available in the store under Choose Your Office:

  • Office 365 Home
  • Office 365 Personal
  • Office Home & Student 2016 for PC
  • Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac




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