Incorrect Username and Password Error
When I attempt to log in to the Student and Faculty Portal, Single Course MyApply Admission Application, or Application Center one of the following errors occur:
  • Your username and password do not match. Please check them and try again.
  • Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again.
  • Invalid username or password
This issue may occur due to one or more of the following:
  • The username and/or password were incorrectly entered
  • There is an issue with your account in the system
  • The Caps Lock is enabled
  • The Num Lock is disabled with numeric keypad use
  • The Fn Lock is enabled, if using a laptop
  • If able to log into Single Course MyApply Application, or the Application Center but not eCampus, the application might not have been completely processed yet
  • The password being used does not meet University of Phoenix (UOPX) complexity requirements.
  • Corrupt browser cache and cookies
To resolve this issue, perform one or more the following:
  • Verify the Caps Lock key is not enabled
  • Use the standard number keys or enable the Num Lock
  • Disable Fn Lock. Many laptops do not have this feature and the implementation depends on the manufacturer. Try pressing the Fn key, disable Num Lock, or try pressing the Num Lock key + Fn Lock key + Ctrl key.
  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Verify the username and password:
    1. Open a word processing program, such Microsoft Office Word or Notepad
    2. Type in your username and password
    3. Verify that they appear as expected. Important: Passwords are case sensitive
    4. Copy and paste the username and password into the appropriate fields on the login page
    5. Attempt to log in
  • Username and Password Recovery
  • If classes have not yet begun, verify the application has been completely processed
If the issue persists, and you are unsure if you have the correct password, click either the Forgot Username/Password? or the Username/Password Help link (depending on the site that you are on). The new password should meet UOPX complexity requirements,
Additional Information:
For additional information on resetting your password, please see the Related Articles section to the right.
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